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  • In the centre of Torquay is the Agatha Christie Mile where each location associated with Agatha Christie is marked with a unique plaque.  Let’s start with the Grand Hotel where she and Archie spent their honeymoon, the Princess Pier where she rollerskated as a child, the elegant Pavilion where they enjoyed concerts, Beacon cove ladies […]



    Wandering into the kitchens at the Grand Hotel, where the amazing smells of lunch being prepared has awakened my senses, and the beautifully presented food being collected for service is making my tummy rumble. I haven’t even reached my destination yet, The Pastry section, a part of the kitchen that I really feel at home […]

  • Our 5 Favourite Things to do in Spring time Devon

    Our 5 Favourite Things to do in Spring time Devon

    With the days getting longer, and the sunshine getting warmer by the day, we thought we would compile a short list of our top 5 favourite things to do in Devon in the spring time. Take a Wellie Walk Dig out those mud covered wellies last used in Autumn, and get out and about. Even […]

  • Recipe | Fresh Brixham Steamed Mussels

    Recipe | Fresh Brixham Steamed Mussels

    with West Country Cider, Spring Onions and Cream Fresh farmed Brixham mussels are in season until early spring, so now is a great chance to enjoy this local, completely sustainable, taste of the sea. Quick and easy to prepare, this recipe works as both a comforting bowl on a cold night, or paired with a […]