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    Summer Holiday Adventures Finally some proper sunshine during the summer holidays. My children had badgering us to go to Splashdown Quaywest Waterpark. A lot of my summers were spent at the waterpark, likewise for my other half. He filled the kids with the stories of mischief he used to get up too and I recalled […]

  • In the centre of Torquay is the Agatha Christie Mile where each location associated with Agatha Christie is marked with a unique plaque.  Let’s start with the Grand Hotel where she and Archie spent their honeymoon, the Princess Pier where she rollerskated as a child, the elegant Pavilion where they enjoyed concerts, Beacon cove ladies […]

  • Our 5 Favourite Things to do in Spring time Devon

    Our 5 Favourite Things to do in Spring time Devon

    With the days getting longer, and the sunshine getting warmer by the day, we thought we would compile a short list of our top 5 favourite things to do in Devon in the spring time. Take a Wellie Walk Dig out those mud covered wellies last used in Autumn, and get out and about. Even […]

  • Recipe | Fresh Brixham Steamed Mussels

    Recipe | Fresh Brixham Steamed Mussels

    with West Country Cider, Spring Onions and Cream Fresh farmed Brixham mussels are in season until early spring, so now is a great chance to enjoy this local, completely sustainable, taste of the sea. Quick and easy to prepare, this recipe works as both a comforting bowl on a cold night, or paired with a […]