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    5 Reasons to Visit Torquay

    If you still haven’t made your mind up where to spend the weekend, these 5 reasons should persuade you that Torquay is the place for you. Have a look at our late deals for April and here.

    1. Miles of pristine coastline and hidden coves


    2. Castles and historic sights. This one is the romantic Berry Pomeroy

    5 best reasons to visit torquayt

    3.  Seafront towns just look good, boats can make anywhere look swanky!

    Torquay harbour local area

    4. The sunsets are some of the best in the world!

    5 reasons to visit torquay

    5. There is always plenty to do after dark!

    5 reasons to visit torquay

    Decided that Torquay is the place for you? Book here now and come and see for yourself.