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    The Horse and Carriage Returns

    We are delighted to confirm that Cockington’s famous horse drawn carriages return this summer! The stables have been leased by Hannah, 32 and Kirk Petrakis, 38, on a six year basis. Regular visitors to Cockington are delighted as the carriages have been dearly missed by locals and tourists alike since the much loved Cockington Carriage Company ceased trading in 2014.

    The Cockington Carriage company had been operating the successful business around the picturesque thatched village 60 years before it was  closed in 2014 following the death carriage driver Rick Passmore in 2013. The Passmore family have wished the new venture the best of luck, and are happy that the horses will return.

    Situated less than a mile from the Grand Hotel and seafront, Cockington is a must see for visitors to the area, take a look at what’s on here.