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    Poolside with Tom Wileman

    We all know the scene, David Hasselhoff running down the beach in slow mo, rescuing the damsel in distress, emerging from the water without a hair out of place, But what’s being a Lifeguard really like. We went “poolside” to chat to Tom.


    Hey Tom, So how long have you been a Lifeguard for?

    I’ve been a Lifeguard for just over two years. I’m studying Media at university and Lifeguarding has been a fantastic way of funding that!

    The question on everyone’s mind- Have you ever saved anyone?

    Haha, yes I have on two occasions, both was for small children who got a little out of depth and needed to be picked up. As lifeguards we have to be so careful, kids get in trouble all the time, it’s more about preventing something from happening than diving in to pick someone up.

    What would you say the best part of your job is?

    The team is the best part definitely. We work in a very close knit team around poolside and knowing you have each other’s backs means if we ever do have to go in the water, we know we can rely on each other to support us if we need it.

    What’s your favourite TV show?

    I’m partial to a bit of Baywatch! Nothing like a bit of “The Hoff”! I’m into Game of Thrones; it’s a good show and a brilliant way to relax after work.

    Any tips for budding lifeguards?

    I’d say get as involved as possible. Being a Lifeguard teaches you so much, not just about swimming and saving lives but a lot about yourself. I’ve made so many friends here! Jump in the pool and practise your swimming, go running, generally be as fit as possible. It really helps!

    Is being a Lifeguard anything like Baywatch?

    (A huge grin spreads across Tom’s face) Haha, not as much as I’d like it to be, but you do get flashes of “The Hoff” from time to time.

    Finally, any tips for people coming swimming here at The Grand?

    Yes, read the rules, put on lots of sun cream, particularly when the sun is out, but most of all have fun! We’re here to keep everyone safe but if you follow the rules, stay where you know you can either touch the floor or swim to the side if you get tired, it’s very rare that we have to get involved.

    If your interested on coming for a swim or want more information on how to become a lifeguard give us a call on 01803 296 677. 

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